it’s all about being inspired

All of these pictures have been taken from Pinterest and are used as inspiration only

The thing I love about this room: the storage.

I’ve been thinking a lot about storage lately as it’s such a key component to a room, especially a bedroom and especially especially if you are tight for space.

Built-in wardrobes are undeniably the best for filling every nook and cranny but if you’re a renter like me, or don’t have that much cash to spend on a fitted set up (or both!) then it’s so worth exploring wardrobe options.

– Opt for a clothes rack. A rail like in this beautiful bedroom is only £6.50 from IKEA. Actually, I think the one in the picture IS from IKEA! Have a look here.

– Put up some high shelving. If you can, fix some shelves on the top quarter of your bedroom wall. There is a lot of wasted space up there and as long as they’re not too wide, they won’t be overbearing at all.



The thing I love about this room: the bedside bench.

I just think this set up is so cool and I’d have never thought of using a bench this way for bedroom storage. So clever!

The idea here is that we’re usually in need of width space rather than length, since the bed will be there anyway. With this idea, you gain surface area by going length ways rather than sideways.

– Pros would certainly be the added space and also the price.

– The main con would be that if you have a bed for two, then it could be a little bit of a squeeze from the bench side.


The thing I love about this room: everything!

It’s true. There’s not one thing I don’t absolutely love about this room. The simplicity and the seagrass baskets and those beautiful creams.

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