this 37m2 London space

Welcome to this little city flat that Alastair and I call home | It sits on the top floor of a brick building with a little balcony facing south | In summer, two wooden chairs stand out there, side by side and we balance coffee cups on our laps with our knees pushed up against the railings | In winter, the last of the stalks in the balcony boxes are windswept and tired and the olive tree comes inside.

It is a great little flat.

vivre bohème bedroom style

Where we sleep is a calm oasis in amongst our tiny flat madness. I’ve kept the palette neutral with copper and floral accents.

My favourite item is the bedspread; I bought two sets when we first moved in and it’s definitely the item that I would most miss if it wasn’t there!

bed: Argos

bedspread: IKEA

throw: John Lewis

bedside table: vintage

lamp: Habitat

box: Tiger Stores

candlestick: H&M

succulent: Homebase

radio: Tesco

clock: IKEA

More to come!